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Best Individual Eyelash Extension in South Jersey

We also offer

3D, 6D volume lashes, Lash Restoration, Lash perm, Brow & Lash tinting and Waxing.

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Apprentice Lash Artist Special- $59 Half Set (cash price)

                                             $89 Full Set (cash price)

Proudly to present the American Volume Lash (3D Volume). 

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American Volume Lash (3D Volume) before and after

Did you know? 

Full Set/Most beautiful - Every single lashes will be filled.

Half Set/Beautiful - Every other lashes will be filled.

Classic = 1 extension by 1 natural lash. 

American Volume or 3D/6D = Fabulous!!! (3 or 6 extensions/1 natural lash).

American Doll Set 

(1/4 Set)*

Sexy Look (Half Set)*

Gorgeous Look (Full Set)*

Fabulous Look (American Volume or 3D,6D Volume)*

*Pictures are just for example, actual look will depend on volume of individuals natural lashes.

Products We Use

Award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade lash extension adhesives have earned NovaLash its reputation as "the healthiest" professional eyelash extension system.  Comprised of a wide-ranging palette of colors, textures and sizes of eyelash extensions that can be combined for looks that run the gamut from subtle and natural to trendy and glamorous; each lash application is a work of art with an intricate finish.

We do individual eyelash extension that glue to each of your own natural lashes, not the cluster lashes from the nail salon which glue to your eyelid and cause irritation and damage to your natural lashes later on. Learn more about "Individual Eyelash Extension" before getting one. Visit our BENEFITS page.

We use 3 different lengths of lashes on each application to create most natural and flawless look. We also offer 2D, 3D, 6D applications with extra charge if you want more fuller lashes than what you already have. Our award winning glue will allow you to shower or wash your face right after application. No need to wait for it to dry!

Lash perm, Brow & Lash tinting also available.

Lash Restoration

So many ladies get lashes done the wrong way until they found us and get it fixed.  Come for consultation for lash restoration if you have lashes glue together or clumps in between.  Save your natural lashes now before it is damaged.

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Congratulations to Renee Baker who won the most photogenic award at  2015  Mrs. America pageant contest.  It was a honor Mrs. Baker has chose Wen to be her service provider.